Welcome to Strictly Yours Productions!

Our goal is to celebrate you, and to tell your unique story in a cinematic fashion.

My name is Tanner Strickland, and I am the founder of Strictly Yours Productions.

We are a company based out of Louisville, Alabama. I, along with the help of my assistant Kennedy Phillips, work to make the best day of your life a little more memorable. We are a team of lifelong best friends who are passionate about capturing your special day. We want to live lives that matter and create films that matter. We love people who feel, breathe, and sip their cup deeply. We want to live out the story with you, we want to cry big crocodile tears & rejoice on the mountain tops all because of the story. Through our work we want to change lives and be changed. We love people who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, to profess their innermost emotions and to celebrate each other extravagantly. We want our clients to vividly remember the deepest, most precious, and most fun day of their lives and to be able to show their kids, “This is what true love looks like, never settle for less”.

Why do we do this?

Because we care! We enjoy working with you and want to make YOU happy. We are here for you. It is your day, not ours. We want you to have these vivid memories to look back on for the rest of your life. At Strickly Yours Productions, we look for innovative, fun, crazy ways to capture and communicate your story. We are not wedding videographers, we are filmmakers in every sense of the word. The difference is craft. We handcraft every film the way we would a narrative feature film.

Why should I choose to have my wedding filmed?

We understand that the world of wedding videography is fairly new, but we feel that it can be a game changer for you. We have the utmost respect for photographers and their ability to evoke emotion through still images, and our goal is to bring life to those images. We know how much work and preparation goes into planning a wedding. We also know that it goes by in the blink of an eye. We make it our personal mission to capture those moments you have missed or forgotten about. We do everything in our power to capture every detail of the work you put into making your day perfect. We work with a variety of equipment, cameras, and state of the art editing software to make sure each moment gets the attention it deserves.

Do you travel? 

Can’t come to us? Don’t worry, we will come to you! Please complete or Contact form or  Call or Text (334) 695-1825 and will discuss you needs.

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